Nobody cares

True isn’t it? The older you get, there are no friends just other poor fuckers struggling through life pretending they were glad they had kids but secretly hating their lives . That’s me. Fucked it. Can’t go back in time to change it. Wrong person, wrong timing, waste of a life

Classics #2

Following on from my earlier post, another Trentemøller classic remix for you here. Again, really superb little production tricks on the SFX and beat programming throughout, teamed with Röyksopp and Karin Dreijer Andersson from The Knife’s superb vocals on What Else is There? I love the stripped back guitar section mid way through leading to another killer build and drop too from, in my eyes, the absolute king of this electrotech era!

Classics #1

Here is the first in a series of classic tunes that have graced my stereo on innumerous occasions over the last 30 years. You’ll notice a theme and a specific era around a lot of these, unsurprisingly my mid to late 20’s when I was young, free and single, and importantly social and out clubbing. This tune brings back lots of fond memories of that time (2006/2007) aged 27/28.

As a hobbyist music producer myself and actually at that time a student at Alchemea College in Islington, studying my Diploma in Audio Engineering, this Trentmøller remix of The Knife’s – We Share Our Mother’s Health is not just a great tune, but technically excellent audio production with incredible attention to detail. The drop is sublime at about 05:00 in, but the intricacies of the soundscape always inspired me to try to replicate this with my own work. Needless to say, I’ve never come close to it…

If you haven’t heard of Trentmøller before, check out his remixes (honestly, his own work is not all that!).

The Mash Up #1

This is the first of a series of 15 (I think) DJ mixes by 2 Many DJ’s “As Heard on Radio Soulwax” series. I’m referencing this here as this is the first time I heard mash ups using acapella’s of well known classic songs intertwined with an upbeat selection of “modern” classics. Modern being the noughties in this case. They were eye opening for me, I had all of them on a pirated set of CDs and I wore them out. All who heard them loved them. That includes the girls I was trying to impress with my worldly wise, eclectic taste. Great for any party, even to this day. Listen to Part 1….


I miss it. I stumbled across this gig the other day from Soulwax. What. A. Live. Band. Would have loved to have said I was there. I. Was. Not.

Hello Dance Music mid-lifers!

This blog is aimed at those 40-somethings who have lived, maybe settled down with kids, but still remember and yearn for the good ‘ol days, when the dance music scene was vibrant, and the hedonistic youth were at their peak. I was one of them. This blog will be a place to reminisce and take you back to those carefree times. Nothing else. I’ll kick you off with an album of which this blog takes its name. No need to thank me…

Suck My Deck was Ivan Smagghe’s BuggedOut! mix back in 2004. My friend bought me this album for my 25th birthday that year and it really opened my eyes to this sound. Very strong mix of some unusual songs, pulled together expertly. The first track “Sweet Light – Méchaniques Remontées” in particular has been played a helluva lot in my house. I’ll post other videos of Ivan Smagghe’s mixes in future posts. Let me know what you think….