Classics #1

Here is the first in a series of classic tunes that have graced my stereo on innumerous occasions over the last 30 years. You’ll notice a theme and a specific era around a lot of these, unsurprisingly my mid to late 20’s when I was young, free and single, and importantly social and out clubbing. This tune brings back lots of fond memories of that time (2006/2007) aged 27/28.

As a hobbyist music producer myself and actually at that time a student at Alchemea College in Islington, studying my Diploma in Audio Engineering, this Trentmøller remix of The Knife’s – We Share Our Mother’s Health is not just a great tune, but technically excellent audio production with incredible attention to detail. The drop is sublime at about 05:00 in, but the intricacies of the soundscape always inspired me to try to replicate this with my own work. Needless to say, I’ve never come close to it…

If you haven’t heard of Trentmøller before, check out his remixes (honestly, his own work is not all that!).

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