Hello Dance Music mid-lifers!

This blog is aimed at those 40-somethings who have lived, maybe settled down with kids, but still remember and yearn for the good ‘ol days, when the dance music scene was vibrant, and the hedonistic youth were at their peak. I was one of them. This blog will be a place to reminisce and take you back to those carefree times. Nothing else. I’ll kick you off with an album of which this blog takes its name. No need to thank me…

Suck My Deck was Ivan Smagghe’s BuggedOut! mix back in 2004. My friend bought me this album for my 25th birthday that year and it really opened my eyes to this sound. Very strong mix of some unusual songs, pulled together expertly. The first track “Sweet Light – Méchaniques Remontées” in particular has been played a helluva lot in my house. I’ll post other videos of Ivan Smagghe’s mixes in future posts. Let me know what you think….

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